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03-25-2013, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemskyfanboy83 View Post
I find it strange how differently the organization has handled both players myself.

Gagner was thrown into the deep end from day 1. He had to play all kinds of minutes with all kinds of linemates (many of whom are/were anchors). Eberle on the other hand got prime offensive minutes with great line-mates. I don't think the organization ever appreciated what they had with Gagner. I know I sure didn't.

I love Eberle, but he was never on Hall's level and should not have been given the same contract.
This. Basically, you shouldn't be giving 6M+ to anyone you can't build a line around. So far, we have 2 players that fit that mould - RNH/Hall. This isn't based on recent performances, but just watching these players play. It's obvious you build around these guys on their own lines.

Eberle is an elite complementary player. You don't build a line around him, because there's no way he performs if he's the best player on his line.

It's a similar situation to what's happening in Philadelphia. Briere and Giroux are 2 guys to build lines round. Voracek leads that team in scoring, but it's clear who's driving the play on their first 2 lines. Giroux and Briere are appropriately being paid as the 2 highest paid forwards on the team.

Gagner to a lesser extent than Hall/RNH is driving his own line - quite impressively I must add. He's getting near-point/game production carrying MPS and a rookie. Another guy to build around. 4-5M with 2.5-3M wingers to make a formidable 3rd scoring line (if that's the direction we want to go in).

Chicago has 3 players to build lines around. Hossa, Toews, and Kane. They're lucky enough to get an opportunity to put 2 of them together (Hossa/Toews) such that the 3rd member of that top line doesn't really matter.

Kane basically produces offense regardless of who's on his line - so they saddle him with defensive players like Bolland to help make that line more complete.

Gagner-Hall would be an interesting duo on the top line heading forward. 2 guys with great ability to carry lines on their own that could work together to make the 3rd winger on that line (be it Yak/MPS/UFA) inconsequential to their production.

RNH could then handle his own line (with Ebs/Yak) and produce in a similar manner.

This is what Kruger was talking about early on in the season about having "duo's" of players that stick together, while a range of wingers moves up and down the lineup based on whatever chemistry is working.

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