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03-25-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Desharnais on pace for 21 goals, 27 assists. Seems like top 9 numbers to me. 20 goal scorer for 3.5 ish seems normal. That's similar to AK's production and cost. Granted DD might be worth a little less on his bad year, like maybe 3 mil. His last year drove up the price but still reasonable.

Quick stat:

Last year Desharnais had 13 ES goals and 27 ES assists.

This year Desharnais is on pace for 18 ES goals and 18 ES assists.

Essentially, 5 goals more and 9 assists less in his 'bad year'.

Granted, stats aren't everything but at ES he's doing fine IMO.

If DD were producing on PP this discussion wouldn't be happening. His offensive output on PP has been underwhelming.

Just to compare, if DD had same PPPTS/GP as last year, he would have 22 Pts(or 21.75 rather) in his 31 games played. Over 81 games(same as last year) that is 58 Pts.

This isn't to illustrate Desharnais is playing perfect and without error. Of course not, it's just to say his ES production is on same pace but the PP production is lacking.

Granted, those who know statistics will point out his output may be luck and he hasn't been as much as an impact player as last year and they'd be right. I'm just trying to show it's not as bad as people are claiming. The difference is PP production.

I would 100% support DD being bumped off PP and having to re-earn his PP icetime.
Problem is I keep seeing Desharnais lagging behind on the against goals on RDS (not that the RDS crew ever mentions it of course). The stats say that DD gets scored on more than any other top 9 minutes forward Habs player. To say DD is doing fine 5on5 is not evidenced by the stats in the least bit.

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