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Originally Posted by Unaffiliated View Post
The Blackhawks are statistically better than the Panthers this season.

Sidney Crosby is statistically better than Zanon Konopka this season.

Silly stats. They don't mean a thing. All the things above are equal. Right? They're all half?
So you're saying if ya have good players, your stats are good? I'm saying there's no substitute for knowing your stuff, and watching games. Moneyball all day if ya want, but that's for betting, not for fact.

btw, points aren't really a stat(hawks better than panthers). Points are the whole object of the game, and basically all that's relevant, except to maybe GM's(or bored people).

I'll oversimplify my originally oversimplified point. If the NHL exist for the next 200 years, what's the odds each year my team wins the cup. It's 1 in 30. PIT was good, then they were bad, then they were good again, then later on, they'll be bad again. I couldn't imagine doing this with the Canadiens "historically". Call Don Stark for that one.

Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
The fact that you don't understand the difference between meaningful stats and meaningless stats doesn't make all stats meaningless.
Ya know which stat isn't meaningless, points(which, as I said isn't really a stat at all). As I also said, they can be a tool for GM's and arbitrators, or gamblers, but just slingin em around assuming their correlation is within some degree of error to be causation is meaningless to me. My current favorite is 'chance of making the playoffs', right down to a tenth of a percent. Awesome.

(I'm not saying you personally sling them like that either, but that's what most people use them for).

Unrelated, but along the same lines is the "eye test" that Kershaw mentions. If you haven't seen something with your own eyes, you ought not claim it, and if you did see it happen, then you don't need any stats.

Ya know, I apologize, because I forgot all about fantasy hockey. If people are using advanced stats for that, then my apologies. I just didn't think of it, because I don't play anything fantasy.

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