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03-25-2013, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by StarsFan74 View Post
They were there to be temporary leadership pieces and to help our PP that was the franchise's worst ever in 2011-12. No bloody way the team was playoff bound with that defense.
Do you mean last year's team which almost made the playoffs, or this year's team which is in the thick of the playoff chase?

Originally Posted by StarsFan74 View Post
And here's where "delusions of grandeur" would apply.
Despite being maddeningly inconsistent and struggling with some injuries/holdouts (Benn, Whitney, Lehtonen, etc.), they still have a good chance to make the playoffs.

Originally Posted by StarsFan74 View Post
Seriously, do you really watch the games?
Not the majority of them, no. I try to spare myself as much pain as possible.

Originally Posted by StarsFan74 View Post
Oh FFS, do YOU have any ****ing clue about this team at all?!! Despite your best efforts, you still come across absolutely dense and ignorant of what's gone wrong and how despite the "change," most issues with the team- inconsistencies, -ve GD, allowing more SOG, getting outworked, poor defense, etc. etc., have remained essentially the same. And the fact that many issues have still remained unaddressed is why we are NOT the Flyers of 2010 that squeaked in and made it to the SCF, or the 2006 Canes. On that note, I ask you this: Are you out of your ****ing mind? You think we're anywhere close to playing like the 2006 Canes, who ended up as #2 seed in the EC and were quite dominant? Had we played like them then it's a different issue, but we haven't, hence your point is essentially moot.,
Stop being ridiculous!
Yes, they have some issues to address. No, I don't think they are a Cup contender. My point about the Canes' Cup in 2006 was that they didn't have the look of a Cup contender the previous season (2004):

A) finished 11th in the East with 76 points in a slightly below average division
B) had a GD of -37 and a GF/GA ratio of .82
C) their leading scorer had 45 points

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