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03-25-2013, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I'm no big fan of MC79 but man did he ever nail it in that blog.
Reading through the PGT yesterday I was prompted to go to the CHED audiovault to listen to just how bad Tencer's show was last night ... and it was bad.

Mowzie made a post above that didn't get much notice. He said he called into CHED and asked about the lazy Oiler's practice he watched, and how he wondered why a team as bad as the Oilers wouldn't be practicing a whole lot harder than what he witnessed. I happened to hear that call and I couldn't believe the way Tencer scoffed the notion away. And then to hear the same radio host come out and say that this team is trying hard enough - and to have the captain say "its not like anyone in the room has given up" .... well, these are just insults added to injury.
I just can't fathom their reply, Brown honestly wants to make a point on how Edmonton is compared to Detroit, Vancouver and San Jose as if we're gaining ground on them? San Jose has been one of the league's worst teams after their 7 game win streak, Vancouver up until recently has been average at best, and Detroit lost Lidstrom... For him to try and pretend like those teams are still dominant forces and we are catching up to them is absolutely idiotic.

My point about the practice, I got the "privilege" of watching an Oilers practice on Tuesday afternoon by winning one of the 93 jerseys. I don't watch tons of practices, so I have nothing to compare it to, but what I seen out there was 3 really nice coaches running an intensity and urgency free practice. I find it frustrating that while feeding us this "playoff drive" crap, that the practice was so bland. If this was a team that came out in games with lots of energy and controlled the pace, I wouldn't worry, but watching this predominantly reactionary team practice so casually makes me think there are teams in other cities that have a sense of urgency in their routine, and those teams, presumably are gonna be the teams in the stretch drive that beat us and take the last couple playoff spots we covet.

How this team runs with a short-handed coaching staff is beyond me. For a team deficient in EVERY possible category that makes excuses about shortened seasons and lack of preparation time, I can't help but think one extra coach may be of SOME benefit.

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