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03-25-2013, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
There've been plenty of players like this on many successful teams - but none of which that got more than 4-5M.

Chris Kunitz, Vinny Prospal, Ray Whitney, Martin Straka, Brad Marchand - these kind of guys make 3-4M tops in the league, and often move around a lot too, because they boost their values playing with star players, and teams are quick to recognize who's actually driving the boat on these lines.
Chris Kunitz isn't the greatest example, he's typically a 20goal 50-60point guy and is putting up good numbers this year playing with the best player in the nhl. Neither is Prospal who was a 50point player playing with Lecavalier and St Louis who were both elite 80-100 point players.

Eberle's contract is still too early to evaluate, he's still too young to know if he's hit his limits. Something to remember is the numbers he put up last year were with a very young Nugent-hopkins and hall. Now, if hall and Nuge turn into 80-90 point players it is very possible that Eberle will do the same while putting up 30-40 goals a year.

Just one comparison I'll make is to patrick sharp who is making 5.9mil and putting up 30goal/70 point seasons. Obviously Eberle has to prove he can replicate his last seasons stats to be considered in the same league as sharp.

Just remember Eberle has had several rough things to work through this season from an odd season, to a new coach, to Nuge slumping, to his own slumping (talking about those back door passes that he scored 99% of the time last year and has missed on several occasions this year), and lastly his hand injury, although I'm not sure how much it has really affected him.

Honestly gets annoying with how quick oiler fans are to call players busts at such a young age. The criticism that gagner got over the past 5 years made me sick.

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