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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Modano was clearly better defensively than forsberg-sakic and just as good as Yzerman, this is hilarious.
That statement is utter BS.

Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Modano during the the deadpuck era, 1997-2003 was better defensively than either of the avs stars and just as good as yzerman
If this were the case, Modano would have been the first-team center in 2000; Modano scored 81 points, Sakic scored 81 points (in 60 games), and Yzerman scored 79 points. Sakic lost votes due to games missed, and Yzerman won the 1C spot and the Selke. Modano ended up just edging out Sakic for the 2C, with Roenick (77 points) also in the mix.

this is based on watching him play all of those years, no explanation needed. He was as close to fedorov-gilmour as you'll get. A clear notch above sakic-forsberg.
You say "fedorov-gilmour" as if Gilmour was close to Fedorov in defensive ability. Gilmour was a good defensive forward who peaked offensively from 1992-1994, and received particular notice in Selke votes because of the "wow" factor of an excellent two way forward having such a great offensive season. He was never anywhere close to the Selke outside of those two years.

Selke voting is based on how many points you score while being good defensively, unless you think 2001 sakic was actually better defensively than 97-2001 modano, lol.
Sakic in the late 90s and early 2000s was probably comparable to Modano defensively. Not quite elite defensively, just below the top tier that included Yzerman, Fedorov, Lehtinen, Madden, Arvedson, Drake, Conroy, etc.

Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Sakic is better than Modano on defense because he got selke votes in a season where he scored 118 points, yeah great explanation. You dont see a pattern, gilmour and fedorov won thier selkes in the seasons where they scored the most points.
Fedorov received the most first place votes in 1992, and finished second to Montreal's Guy Carbonneau. He scored 86 points. The next year he scored 87 and finished 4th (Gilmour had his career year and undeservedly won the trophy; Fedorov deserved to be a finalist again).

I saw plenty of sakic-forsberg-modano, sakic was never as good defensively as modano and i wont be the only one to tell you that. Colorado's system was far more offense friendly than the stars.. I mean in the other posts you try to come off as the voice of reason, now i have to explain to you that Modano is better than Sakic defensively. Do your self a favour and watch more games from the deadpuck era. If you did, you wouldnt be debating this with me. Modano was clearly better defensively than sakic and forsberg.
As I mentioned, Modano played with Lehtinen (at almost all times) as well as having the big four of defensively skilled defensemen (Zubov/Sydor/Hatcher/Matvichuk) plus Craig Ludwig. Who did Sakic or Forsberg have on the ice to help them defensively? Adam Foote, Aaron Miller, Adam Deadmarsh... and that's about it for most of the DPE. Rob Blake in the second half of the DPE, but he was never great defensively. Chris Drury.

Forsberg was 2nd in selke voting in 1997, he was NOT the 2nd best defnsive forward that season.
No, but Forsberg was still one of the league's best defensive forwards. And more importantly, he was better defensively than Modano, earlier than Modano, for a longer period than Modano.

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