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03-25-2013, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyingV View Post
It may be a slight overpay, but it was also made before the lockout when no one knew the cap was going to drop. I don't think its as bad of a contract as its being made out to be, but obviously Eberle needs to produce to make that statement true.

I still think if nuge develops into the 80-90 point defensively responsible player he has the potential to be, that Eberle's defensive flaws won't be an issue and he will be capable of having 30 goal average years and 40 goal great years.
These are 2 mutually exclusive attributes. No one produces 80-90 points while being defensively responsible in the Western Conference. Unless they're a prime Datsyuk.

Kopitar is a great example of a guy that's taken a step back from his 80-90 point potential and reverted to being one of the top-5 2-way forwards in the game while putting up 65-70 points. He's odes more valuable to his team that way, still earning the 7M he got for being an offensive player.

If Nuge does become an 80-90 point player on a one-dimensional line, then Eberle's going to put up numbers accordingly. But once Nuge turns it into a defensively responsible line, I see Eberle not being worth his 6M. He's not a good defensive player at all...and once given that responsibly becomes a shade of himself.

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