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03-25-2013, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Thanks for this Mowzie. I have never seen this team practice so input like this is appreciated.

I happen to think that your observation regarding practice is something that rarely if ever gets talked about. Its been said that teams play like they practice and these social club practices (if they are the norm) may explain why this team is so ill prepared and lack intensity at the beginning of games. How incongruent is it to have a practice that lacks any kind of intensity during one of the most critical times in this so called rebuild. A time when this young team needs to learn that very lesson.

Its amazing to see this incongruency and lack of accountability filter all the way from Katz through to Management and the players.
The Oilers fan relations guy told us right away that the Oilers have closed practices and that what we were about to see was privileged viewing. I definitely wouldn't use the word SOCIAL though. We were grouped together and told not to disturb the players or raise our voices, the only player to acknowledge us was Yakupov, who even went out of his way to make sure the little girl pressed up against the glass got a puck. To everyone else, we were totally invisible, I would have appreciated a wave or smile, if not for me, then for the little kids that were there. We were 3 rows up from the glass too, so we were close enough for them to be able to atleast look at us and wave.

After a very boring practice, the highlight being spotting Sean Brown watching a couple chairs down, we were told to wait in the "Cottswood Lounge" which is apparently Siberia with leather couches. "Just a few minutes" turned in to a good hour, then I was taken in to another room to meet Yakupov. Oilers PR were very quick to tell me that I will not have contact with any other players, and that I am only allowed to get one autograph. I was lucky enough to run in to Hall while going to grab my jacket... he did sign my jersey, but was sort of a jerk about it and made sure he showed me how much of an inconvenience I was. Still love the guy though.

Sorry for getting off track, but for a "prize" that this club put so much time and effort in to, it was really a second rate experience.

To get back on track, I agree that your play reflects your practice, which is why I was so frustrated with the practice. I wanna see some urgency and desperation SOMEWHERE in this organization, there is a contentness and a sense of entitlement with this organization that makes me want to puke.

This franchise treats its fans like 5 year olds on a long road trip. We ask "are we there yet" and they say "5 more minutes", we ask again in an hour and they say "five more minutes"...

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