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03-25-2013, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by KarmaPolice View Post
If the 'fat lady' has yet to sing, she's certainly warming up her vocal chords and getting ready to bellow.
Yup, stick a fork in 'em, they're done.

I just hope that they still at least play like there is a playoff spot open for them, that's all...I still think they should play with playoff intensity in order to feel that kind of emotion so that if we ever do get into the playoffs, they will at least have some semblance of experience of playoff intensity.

Also, I agree with those who are saying the west is all defense...its extremely boring hockey, and I find it funny how everybody back in the day was bad-mouthing NJ for "inventing" the trap, and now everybody realizes that its the best way to improve your odds of winning, so now all the teams play it...yeah, that's some fantastic entertainment value there.

I guess its true what they say, at first you mock it, then you imitate it. Hockey is just too stifling for me to watch nowadays, I just cant take it anymore, its the equivalent of soccer on ice (which is probably why there is so much diving in the game too, have to "create" offense somehow, so how better to do it than to "draw" a makes the game look pathetic IMO). Anyways, didn't mean to rant there, just some random observations.

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