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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
Well last year, Shero basically alluded that Morrow was untouchable at the deadline, this year, you see him at the pro ranks and opinions change, you also add 5 new defense prospects from the draft and via trade and suddenly things look even more different. Pens got a late 2nd out of the deal (basically, it's the Oilers 3rd, their tank job is going to make that a pretty nice 3rd) and Morrow has been the Stars 2nd line winger for most of the year, he's a 3rd liner? A year and a half ago, Morrow scored 30 goals.

As for aging, Kunitz is the same age, I guess he probably can't manage 10pts, oh wait, he has 41 you say? Morrow fits the type of winger the Pens need and want and would do well in Bylsma's system.

In any case, Iginla's value goes way up now because of that trade. Everyone here is going to value a prospect on their team more than the next guy. We have Pens fans that bicker about Pouliot and Maatta all the time, yet I am sure a ton of teams would want one or the other or both. Fact is, Dumoulin was seen as more than Morrow in the AHL and there were some underlying issues that we as fans don't hear until later.

I don't think the Pens realistically had a shot at Iginla anyway, I think Feaster desperately wants a goaltender from the team he negotiates with in the list Igilna has given and LA & Boston allows him to do that, Pens don't have anything that they can offer that they should ever part with (I'm talking Beau Bennett, no way in freaking hell should the Pens move him).
Last year he had 11 goals. He's getting older. A year and a half ago Iginla has 43 goals playing with scrubs. He's not going to get 43 again unless he plays with elite players. Morrow will be better with the Pens, but he's not the player he was. I don't think Feaster is desperate to get a goaltender at all. If you've ever listened to him talk about goaltending in the future, he sees Ramo as that solution. I disagree personally, or at least think it's far less likely then he seems to.

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