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03-25-2013, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
The problem is that humans freakin' suck at the "eye-test." Not only are we inherently biased, but we're extraordinarily responsive to suggestion, have selective memories, and are extremely outcome-dependent.

I'd argue that the principal differences between this year's Rangers and last year's is that Lundqvist has regressed to his mean and the Rangers aren't getting the bounces at the offensive end.
And I'd argue that they traded away depth for a first line star, lost their toughness edge/identity, and probably have injuries affecting them... do those show up in advanced stats? no they don't because as far as you're concerned it's just a goalie regressing and a bit of luck that have impacted the team. That's a ridiculous way of looking at hockey IMO. There are many non number variables that come into play over the course of a hockey season that won't even show up in excel.

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