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03-25-2013, 06:27 AM
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i live in a place where gravy cannot be bought pre-made and cheese is expensive and occasionally hard to find. essentially, i have to make everything myself.

for my gravy i use:
beef stock
soy sauce

parsley and soy sauce might look out of place, but they taste like they belong. then, boil that sucker down to the consistency you want

i tried making my own mozzarella cheese before but let's say the experiment was.... rather unsuccessful. so i buy a brick of chinese made mozzarella when i can. it's really not as bad as it sounds

the rest is easy, cut up some potatoes in the shape you want, deep-fry the *****es, mix everything and eat until you can no more!

i am quite the chef, oh, and i also make my own bagels

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