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03-25-2013, 08:00 AM
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When I used to play, I played off wing as well, left shot, right wing. I got REALLY good at picking the top right corner of the net (blocker side for most goalies), to the point where I could pick it most of the time from just over the blue line. So it became one of our more frequent plays where I'd bring the puck into their zone, and the center would crash the net for possible rebounds, and I'd rip off a shot. I practised non stop for a long time to make sure I could hit that spot on the net. And then if the goalie got overzealous and tried to move to the side too early, I could easily pick the side close to me.

Best thing is to practise man. Practise entering the zone and passing, both giving and recieving, so that you get better at taking the pass, but also entering the zone and shooting a pass off yourself. And just practise entering the zone and ripping that blocker side wrist shot. It really does help if you can get it down well. Try practising it from closer in, and once you really start to get it, practise taking it from farther out, and make sure you're always moving while you take the shot so you're used to it. So many possibilities open up if you can perfect that shot.

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