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03-25-2013, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by smithformeragent View Post

16 games to go so I figured now would be a good time to panic....uhhh I mean take a look at the standings.

The division is definitely winnable, and there is a lot of room for teams to move around over the final few weeks of the season. The teams on the outside of the playoff structure are running out of games to make hay.

As much as Boston has been struggling as of late, aside from Pittsburgh, nobody else is exactly tearing up the world in the East. Perhaps the nature of the condensed schedule lends itself to mediocrity and congested standings.
This has been my prevailing thought throughout the season and what I use to prevent from going ******* about the recent play. While I'd love for him to find a different way to say it as the redundancy is mind-splitting, Brick is right about the need to get a point, any kind of point. One need to look no further than the West, for example, where one, two points is very likely going to be the difference between a division title and a 4-8 seed, or a playoff spot versus none for that matter.

So...teams are playing more carefully, and in watching games around the league, teams playing with a lead are virtually playing a bunker defense.

Not only that, but as fans, we've noticed that these games have a playoff feel at times. we all know playoff hockey is as intense as it gets. Now do that over the span of a month, month and a half in the regular season? It takes not just physical but also emotional intensity to gear up for those, and at a certain point, you really just kinda break. That's not even considering the physical toll.

that's what I see. For most of these guys (no doubt there are a couple that I don't excuse, but I won't go into it here; not the purpose of this thread) it's not lack of's a lack of focus. It's tough to do that night in, night out, when these games are squished together in the regular season and you don't really get a break, even for the most finely tuned athlete. They're not cyborgs.

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