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03-25-2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by yotesreign View Post
I hear ya. I grew up on the south side in the 60's listening to Lloyd Pettit & Jack Brickhouse & Jim West (early 70s) doing the Black Hawks games on radio (back when they were the "Black Hawks") and going to every game my dad or uncles would take me to. Did it bother me back then that there were only 6 teams? Heck no; I had mine.

And it was easier to know when the Wings or Habs or Rangers were coming to town who (specific players) were coming. Not only were there fewer goalies and fewer skaters in the league, they didn't move from one team to another as much or at least I don't remember that.

I've always enjoyed hockey, but that didn't prevent me from moving to a city that had no NHL team in the late 70s. I'm glad the Jets moved here; and I'll be sorry to see the Coyotes leave. If they're not here next season, I'll have to buy the Center Ice package so I can watch them on tv. Heck Center Ice for a whole year costs less than I spent going to two games. I might even go back to buying ASU football tickets if they leave; seeing as them leaving will free up about $4000 a year for me.
This is exactly why the nhl doesn't work in saturated, non traditional American markets. The concept that there is only so much sports entertainment dollar to go around. Yotesreign, like most people, only has a certain amount of money (and time) to devote to sports. The Coyotes are his first choice, but he's in the extreme minority. In the saturated, non traditional American markets, nhl hockey is unquestionably the lowest ring on the totem pole for most people.

Seattle is no different. Throw in the fact that the nhl team in Seattle would be a tenant of the NBA team, and not share in any ancillary arena revenues, then you can see why a potential Seattle nhl team would realistically have no chance of being economically viable.

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