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Originally Posted by HamiltonFan View Post
This is exactly why the nhl doesn't work in saturated, non traditional American markets. The concept that there is only so much sports entertainment dollar to go around. Yotesreign, like most people, only has a certain amount of money (and time) to devote to sports. The Coyotes are his first choice, but he's in the extreme minority. In the saturated, non traditional American markets, nhl hockey is unquestionably the lowest ring on the totem pole for most people.

Seattle is no different. Throw in the fact that the nhl team in Seattle would be a tenant of the NBA team, and not share in any ancillary arena revenues, then you can see why a potential Seattle nhl team would realistically have no chance of being economically viable.
I keep bringing this up, but wasn't there a list about a year ago ranking NHL teams by gate revenue... NYR was the only U.S. team in the top seven, and probably the top eight too, because the list was using the Atlanta numbers rather than the Winnipeg numbers. Granted that's just gate revenues, but it showed that Canadian markets have no trouble at all competing when the Canadian dollar is strong.

So in other words, people act like Seattle is unquestionably a superior market for the league than QC or Hamilton, but other than being desirable from a U.S. TV deal standpoint I don't see it.

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