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03-25-2013, 09:56 AM
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Straight ally here. A good proportion of my friends are LGBTQ in some way or another, including some absolute "manly-man" athlete types for men and some "glamorous" makeup and high fashion types for women. There is no real "gay personality" per say, and society is just starting to realize that.

As for people who are saying things along the lines that they don't hate homosexuals but don't approve of pride parades, public discussions about homosexual sex, etc., take a minute to realize how often the same types of things happen in predominantly heterosexual environments. Just like how there are straight people who are more reserved or more open with their sexuality, it is the same with gay people. There is no monolithic gay culture in the same way there is no monolithic straight culture. All sexual orientation is is a preference for who one chooses to love/have sex with etc.

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