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03-25-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Hamilton is outside the 50 mile radius of Buffalo's so called territory 64.8 miles to be exact so in my opinion since the Buffalo Sabres don't have a territory claim to the Hamilton NHL. market so that means the Sabres don't get squat . That only leaves the MLSE. hurdle for Hamilton to over come in getting an NHL. team which should be no problem since MLSE. would do almost anything to keep an 2nd NHL. team out of the GTA. .
1) you incorrectly quote a 64.8 mile driving distance between arenas. that's wrong. the actual distance is the direct measure and it is about 54 miles, but wait ...

2) distance from arena to arena is also wrong. article 4.1 of the league's constitution indicates that “each member shall have exclusive territorial rights in the city in it is located and within 50 miles\80 kilometres of that city’s corporate limits.” so the correct distance is city limit to city limit, not arena to arena. look at a map of hamilton, the southern corporate boundary is glanbrook, more than 13 miles from Copps. look at a map of buffalo. the city limit is north delaware, more than 3 miles from first niagara.

3) the distance between glanbrook and north delaware is obviously less than 50 miles.

Conclusion) an NHL hockey team playing anywhere in hamilton would clearly infringe on the territorial rights of the buffalo sabres.

please stop trying to argue the opposite.

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