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03-25-2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Adityase View Post
I was being facetious, but I appreciate you ignoring that. I just wish the Detroit board hadn't become so much complaining. I know I'm complaining about complaining, but as an older guy i feel like younger fans don't know how bad it can be.

I love coming here and I wish all conversations could be more productive... but I guess complaining is part of being a fan.
protip: coming on here and talking down to the people here who are already bitter and unhappy with decisions being made aren't going to respond positively to being spoken down to.

I've tried to break up the bitterness a bit in the past, but it usually ends up with someone ignoring me or telling me to buzz off. Just sift through the nonsense. I know there is a lot, but there is also some funny stuff to be found. FlashyG does some nice graphic work in his GDTs, and is usually good for a laugh. Bench is a hilarious poster here. sarcastro typically makes a comical post game thread, and he and Kronwalled55 have a good thing going with hats, lately, too. mindfly is funny if you don't take him seriously. Lots of other good guys around that I'm forgetting at the moment, too. edit: Syckle78 and eastopia are gems.

Yes, there are several very vocal fans who love to bash every move (I admit, some moves drive me absolutely nutty, and I occasionally sound off on here, too) but we have some neat posters, too.

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