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03-25-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Liut View Post
There is one good thing, the Blues have actually played really well for a while now. Even the losses against the Nucks and the Ducks and tonights game, the Blues controlled the games by a fair amount (ugly 2nd period in Vancouver was the exception) I think their best hockey is still to come. They are getting healthy and could start jelling at the right time.
Couldn't disagree more.

One night they are great, or like last night, terrible. I've just about had it with Halak after that asinine performance last night. What has this overpaid injury prone Goalie accomplished other then a very good 2010 playoff run with Montreal? Tying Glenn Hall's all time shutouts in team history? That says everything for a Jinxed Franchise there I said it. Halak couldn't hold Hall's jock strap. If Halak is still on the roster after the trade deadline, stick a fork in the Blues, they are done this season, and have no chance once the Playoffs Start.

Who cares if they so called outshot, outplayed the Flames last night? C'mon man, they lost to the Flames!!! just like losing to the Av's : Inexcusable.

No clear cut number 1 goalie, no finishers ( Stewart and Berglund are long overdue for a slump ) no playmakers whatsoever, Defense resembles Swiss Cheese. Poor Alex Pie.

I long for the halcyon days when the Blues Managment was considered mavericks in the early 1990s...

The Blues are nothing more then a average Western Conference NHL club, hot and cold, and won't do any damage in the playoffs with the current roster since current management won't add difference makers and Payroll to the roster. Good day sir.

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