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Originally Posted by Stringer Bell View Post
I read once somewhere from someone who actually follows the Marlies closely that the system that Eakins implements basically means that we won't ever see any of our forwards have any amazing years statistically. While it may not be good for the individual, it's great for the team. And that's what really matters.

But for everyone complaining about the lack of offense from players like Ashton, D'amigo, Abbott, and Colborne (over the year), etc, he was basically saying that put those players on any other team and you could basically add another 15 points to their point total. I forgot where I read that and I haven't seen too many Marlies games but it wouldn't entirely surprise me.

Look at the stats of Keith Aucoin and Tim Connolly compared to where they would normally be at and how Kadri has played in the NHL. Really wouldn't surprise me to see D'amigo as a 60 point AHL player on another team or Colborne as an 80 point one, etc.

And I'm not at all saying that this is bad for the players. Just that stats aren't everything. From everything I've read Ashton for instance has been great for the Marlies all year.
D'amigo at his highest ceiling would be a Marchand style player without the extra curriculars. He needs to work on his balance and puck control. He is knocked off the puck way too easily at the moment. Right now he is an excellent penalty killer that will bring offensively some nights. If he can work on his core strength and ability to protect the puck, he will be an everyday NHL'er.

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