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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
You watch the crowd at the Bell's this year and they're not even cheering that much even though we've won a lot of games. I've see several matchs of Habs domination and they're not reacting other than when we score. I think the crowd wants more fire.
Pierre Boivin made sure the Bell Centre was packed night in and night out. The downside of it is, most of this crowd is a bunch of puck ****** and d-bags who go to the Bell Centre for the very purpose of taking themselves in picture in the stands to then put it on their facebook wall. Went to the Red vs White game in the training camp, there were idiots dancing left and right. When I went to the Winnipeg game, most of the public in the reds was texting and doing stuff on their cellphones instead of actually watching the game.

Even last year, when things were going bad, I kept rocking my Markov/Cole t-shirts, because I'm a real fan. I rocked my Prust t-shirt all summer/fall long. Back in 2008, you could see Kostitsyn/Price/Kovalev/Higgins/Komisarek jerseys EVERYWHERE. Last year, I don't think I saw any in the city. This year, those idiots start wearing them again and posting facebook statuses about the Habs, since they're doing well.

For all the bragging we do about our full rinks, our crowd is one of the most clueless around. Going to games as if it was a club. Then they think they're jetset. Ridiculous.

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