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03-25-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
Posting what I did in the other thread belongs here....

We trade with Calgary

To Calgary: Alexander Burmistrov, 4th round pick 2013
To Winnipeg: Jerome Iginla

If we are poised for us, third, verse sixth then we need not only leaders but goalscorers. For the record, I like Burmi he is a speedy skater has soft hands (when he wants to anyways), and was looking good for awhile. My only issue with him is he isn't really gelling with any specific line on the team (thought I did like the Kane-Jokinen-Burmistrov combo last night), he seems to be afraid to rush the corner and take the hit, yeah I know he is small.

A player like Iginla is a proven leader and goalscorer which is exactly what we need right now.

Lines would be

Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Kane - Iginla - Wright
Tangradi - Jokinen - Miettinen
Thorburn - Cormier / Slater (IR) - Antropov

Keep defense the same.

Personally I think Wright is being underutilized, he has looked MUCH better than Wellwood in the games he played in. Wellwood has started to come around a bit though, still very shaky.

First line for obvious reasons. Second line Kane not only needs someone who loves to feed the puck and take assists (Iginla) but also needs a faster skater to jump up with him when he rushes the puck, Wright is much faster than Wellwood. Third line would be a mix of size/strength with decent speed. And fourth would be an all out checking line, Antropov's reach and size is really helpful in our zone.

And yes I'm being serious, I think Iginla would be a huge addition to the team.
Winnipeg isn't on his list

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