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03-25-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Ugmo View Post
I keep bringing this up, but wasn't there a list about a year ago ranking NHL teams by gate revenue... NYR was the only U.S. team in the top seven, and probably the top eight too, because the list was using the Atlanta numbers rather than the Winnipeg numbers. Granted that's just gate revenues, but it showed that Canadian markets have no trouble at all competing when the Canadian dollar is strong.

So in other words, people act like Seattle is unquestionably a superior market for the league than QC or Hamilton, but other than being desirable from a U.S. TV deal standpoint I don't see it.
Don't mean to turn this into a Seattle thread but I agree, Seattle is closer to being Phoenix then alot of people like to imagine. The Canucks being close will help, but when you truly map it out, the NHL will be the lowest rung again if the NBA came back.

(In no order)
-Seahawks football
-Mariners baseball
-Sonics basketball
-Sounders soccer
-Huskies football in renovated stadium

I honestly think Seattle NHL will fall below all of those sports, yes even the the MLS.

It's why I prefer markets like Portland or Columbus.

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