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03-25-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
The biggest thing I notice when guys like Stalberg, and others, are brought up, everyone treats them as the old "He won't fix thing", but he doesn't have to. The Oilers have holes in the roster, but you don't need guys to "fix" the holes, you need them to fill them.

You have to go to talent in the top-6, and top-9 to an extent frankly, so you don't "need" (though you could use them, don't get me wrong) all world players to fill these holes. Complimentary players who will fill this holes and fit these roles will make this team SO much better it's ridiculous. All I do is look at Ryan Malone or Chris Kunitz in Pitt, not all world, just fitting a role and making an impact.

The Oilers need that kind of fit as much as "major talent upgrade" or some such thing. On the blueline, I'll agree they need more then just "guys to play roles", but up front the Oilers don't need as much help as some make it out to seem, frankly.
I agree with this, maybe I expressed myself badly but the point of my post was not the "fix-thing". As you can see in my post I did say that I wouldn't mind Stalberg coming here as he could add something that we are missing right now. That said, I also reflected on the fact that posters should not think that he's a sure thing, or a quick fix. IMO he is not a sure bet and could very well turn out to be a disappointment. That doesn't mean that I think he couldn't be a useful player here if things go right for him and his game.

I'd even go further and say that I think that Stalberg at his current cap-hit would be a steal, despite the risks. But then again I doubt he'll remain below $1mil next year.

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