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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Have to be honest - I have very little sympathy for guys like you, around my age, who feel let down by the Habs because they've denied you your Cup. I've seen all the Cups that you have, but I live in the present, with 30 teams and a salary cap. Having high standards is great, but basing them on the 1970s is futile. Whether you and I accept it or not, there is no winning DNA attached to the Canadiens anymore, because not a single person remains from the Habs of the 70s, 80s or 90s. Our team has nothing in common with those dynasty years except the jersey. Like every other team, we are subject to the same ratio of smart and stupid decisions, and we're beholden to the same good and bad bounces that often determine a series. Sucks to be like everyone else. You call it "inexcusable", I call it reality.

It might be hard to digest, but the Habs are on a totally level playing field with 29 other teams. This doesn't excuse the poor management decisions (paging Mr. Houle) but it recognizes that the Habs don't manufacture widgets on an assembly line; they deal in people who are subject to injuries, moods, motivations, work ethics and learning curves, where even the smart personnel decisions don't always work out. There've been some dumb moves by the Habs over the past 20 years, but let's not forget that half the teams have never won even one Cup, and even Boston and Chicago have won only one Cup each over the past few decades. Or would you rather have been a Rangers or Leafs fan? Yeah, I get pihssed when our GM or coach does something I believe is stupid, but blaming them for not living up to my 40-year-old memories is ridiculous.

I became a Habs fan by watching my idols. I'm still a huge fan, except now I'm watching kids. Times change, the league has changed. Anyone who expects today's Habs to live up to expectations of yesterday's Habs will forever be disappointed.
I read the first line and stopped. I know your posts , and I like them. If you had read my post carefully, I said consistent quality and hopefully a cup every ten years would be OK.

I am well aware that the league has changed. I expected this sort of response, but not from you.

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