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03-25-2013, 10:39 AM
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For the record i dont Boo and wont Boo them ever.
I do not participate in negative chants towards the Jets.
That being said I can understand the frustration from fans when the team does not show up. I just internalize it. But you can feel it in the arena as the game progresses.
Same play + more booze in fans = frustration.

I just cannot stand the "Lets go Bombers/ goldeyes" chants i started hearing.
Not funny, not clever, but completely disrespectful.
I think some of the fans need to realize that they are not the stars here, the team is.
The Jets are entitled to have a bad game once in a while, its what happens in sports. And while it might not be that fun to watch happen, to boo your team that has worked their butts off and is still in 3rd in the conference makes little sense to me.

I did not like seeing it, but what i took from the Washington games was the fact I got to see an elite hockey player (Ovi) at his best. Same way i felt when i got to see Gretzky , Lemieux, Yzerman at their best. The fact that i get to see the best players in the world live is still something pretty special to me.

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