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03-25-2013, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
I have no problem in trying to get some of those other guys but the younger the better. Eriksson is the youngest (22 turning 23 in a few months) and I wouldn't exactly classify the others (26 yo, 27 and 28) as the same age range especially considering we are talking about goalies here. And while those guys have posted good numbers this year none of them did as well at such a young age as eriksson or are even consistently doing well for that matter.
Meh. The ages are not a big deal to me. Rautio has been up good numbers for the past three years in the same league. So has Salak (hell, Salak put up good numbers in the AHL, more than the other three can say at this point). Wesslau too, though his AHL numbers leave much to be desired.

My point is simply that I really don't think anyone on here has any reason to want Eriksson other than they know his name or they want to be right about Homer being wrong. I am not knocking Eriksson, really. Like I said, if they offer him a contract that is fine by me (though I am not necessarily campaigning for that). I just think that if this guy was drafted by a different team people wouldn't be so infatuated by him. If you ask me, he is on the same level as Salak, Rautio, and Wesslau. I haven't seen any of these guys (including Eriksson) outside of highlight clips and a random international game or here there probably. Just like most of you. All we have are their stats which are all on the same level. Yet Salak, Rautio, and Wesslau's names are not being kicked around. Which brings me back to my point: the only reason people want to sign him so badly is either because they have heard his name before or because they want to be right about Homer being wrong.

If that is not the case, I would like a legitimate explanation as to why the other guys are not being mentioned. The age thing is a pretty weak argument, as these guys are only a couple years older and have been putting up consistently good numbers for years now, but have ever been mentioned in trades or signings.

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