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03-25-2013, 10:50 AM
Joe Cole
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My 2 cents are that the fans are not half as knowledgeable as they tout themselves of being. They derive ALL their hockey knowledge from very few sources. Those sources are stocked with guys who always agree with each other and offer no real analysis of the game play. They treat the game like a reality TV show, it's all about the "stories" and nothing about the substance. As well, there is no fresh ideas in that closed gene pool. You get more and more irrational when you interbreed ideas for generations.

In truth, it is the a big frustration in my day to day life.

People just repeat what they read/hear locally. The attitudes they have on players and on plays are direct repetition of the stuff they hear and read. Folks need to branch out a bit, buy a book about hockey from a writer who is not local. Watch broadcasts from other networks. Read a newspaper or blog from outside the province.

In Quebec, the extreme shallowness of the understanding of hockey tactics is staggering. But everyone feels it is their God given right to be considered an expert. Add to it a guaranteed over emotional knee jerk reaction and later stubbornness in revising those initial thoughts....and what do you get?

A VERY shallow intellectual gene pool.

We may know what an offside is, but the general Habs fan does not know how to differentiate emotion from opinion. It is fine to lose yourself in the game and get pumped up, but before you run your mouth off like an idiot, think.

I have no faith it will ever change.

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