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Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
For the past 20 years, the team has endured a lot of horrible management. Houle was a complete disaster. Savard was Ok, but nothing special. Gainey was decent at first but did some absolutely crazy things in the latter parts of his tenure. Gauthier made some nice trades but ran the team like a total gong show.

Then there's the fact that this team has been plagued with a fair number of "Murphy's Law" seasons when it comes to injuries.

I think that we Habs fans have almost been conditioned to expect the worst, and hence are always be on the lookout for the "next shoe to drop". The Montreal media atmosphere definitely doesn't help. All of this creates a certain taste of negativity, just dancing on our tongues.

I think it'll take a couple years of us near/at the top of the league (including with good playoff runs) and/or a Stanley Cup before the "taste" of all of this is removed from our mouths, and replaced with a more confident optimism.

Plus, there's this...

To be fair, there are legitimate criticisms to be made about the coach sometimes playing favorites.

But I've noticed that some fans latch on really hard to specific players and are not happy unless those players are getting lots of ice time and is personally doing well.
Great post. I like all the posters here, young and old, but the big picture just is not there for some guys.

The big picture is the Cup. Only the Cup.

Not individual players, ever. And that includes Flower, Savard, Lemaire, Cournoyer and all the great players I worshiped as a kid. I never bought jerseys, I bought Habs posters, with every player on the team in them.

Something has changed.

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