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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Blame should be split 50/50. Torts is a stubborn jerk and should have a bit of a mirror check a la Tom Coughlin. He has quite a few head scratchers that are frustrating.

That said, he's a good coach and I do think we can win with him. The squad he has been given this year is, just like last year, really not that great. Hank is playing excellent but not his God-Tier status of last year and the Defense isn't as consistent. The bottom 6 is ****ing useless and Gaborik/Richards aged 50 years in the offseason.

They need to help each other help themselves.
I also agree with this and would go as far as to give him this season and the start of the next to see if he can put the team on the "right" path. The path we all saw they were on last year. My main concern is that in the "Post-Lockout Era," only 1 coach with a tenure greater than 3 seasons has won a Stanley Cup (this is Tortorella's third full season, btw):
  • 2012 - LA Kings (Darryl Sutter: 1st season/mid-season replacement)
  • 2011 - Boston Bruins (Claude Julien: 4th season)
  • 2010 - Chicago Blackhawks (Joel Quenneville: 2nd season)
  • 2009 - Pittsburgh Penguins (Dan Bylsma: 1st season/mid-season replacement)
  • 2008 - Detroit Red Wings (Mike Babcock: 3rd season)
  • 2007 - Anaheim Ducks (Randy Carlyle: 3rd season)
  • 2006 - Carolina Hurricanes (Peter Laviolette: 2nd season)

History is not on JT's side here and from what it seems this season the team is flat-out underachieving while on his watch. He's made HUGE strides in getting this team to this level (post-Renney mess), he might not be the one to get us to the next level. This offense should not be THIS bad. The Power Play should not be THIS bad. As someone stated on Page 9, he's a better motivator than tactician. If he's not motivating the players and getting them ready to start the game, Slats needs to start keeping an eye open for his successor.

On a side note, the Rick Nash acquisition reminds me of the Yankees acquiring Randy Johnson in 2005. They were rumored to get him during the previous season (2004) and the Diamondbacks asked for too much and it didn't happen. If you put the Big Unit on the 2004 Yankees, there is no doubt in my mind that the Yankees win the World Series that season. By the same token, Rick Nash was EXACTLY what this team needed on the roster last season. If the Rangers were able to get the Jackets to make the same deal during the year, I believe the Rangers would've at least gotten past the Devils. Not sure anyone was beating LA for the Cup last year, but it would've been an interesting series!

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