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03-25-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedinBlueSince1972 View Post
One night they are great, or like last night, terrible.
Not sure I can agree with this, but if one is strictly results oriented then I suppose I can see this opinion.

If Halak is still on the roster after the trade deadline, stick a fork in the Blues, they are done this season, and have no chance once the Playoffs Start.
You may not have noticed but there are a large number of traditionally good goaltenders who have been less stellar this year. Halak is following form.
Unless the Blues can pull off the trade P9 indicated they should (Halak+Cole+2nd to Flames for Gio+Kipper) I do not see another goaltender available who is demonstrably better than Halak.

Who cares if they so called outshot, outplayed the Flames last night? C'mon man, they lost to the Flames!!!
There are times when bad teams beat good ones. The Blues frustrated the Canucks to no end half a decade ago when they went 4-0 against them backstopped by Curtis Sanford. It happens.

no finishers ( Stewart and Berglund are long overdue for a slump ) no playmakers whatsoever,
I would like to point out that when the Blues do have said players we have fans wanting to chase them off because they lack grit. Or something.
Also, while Stewart is overdue for a slump, Berglund is more steadily producing. Also Perron, Tarasenko, McDonald, Backes are overdue for a surge.

Defense resembles Swiss Cheese. Poor Alex Pie.
Pie was one of the reasons why it resembled Swiss Cheese.

I long for the halcyon days when the Blues Managment was considered mavericks in the early 1990s...

The Blues are nothing more then a average Western Conference NHL club, hot and cold, and won't do any damage in the playoffs with the current roster
A few key points.

1) I would in no way, shape, or form consider the years under Ron Caron to be considered Halcyon unless you only feel comfortable in utter chaos.
2) Ron Caron's management style, while exciting, caused as many problems as it fixed.
3)I find it interesting you complain of the Blues not being more than an average Western conference team, and then in the next breath wish for the early 90's Blues which were the very epitome of what you just complained of.

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