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03-25-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
Yes we do. I just don't see a team where Hank jumps ship to, that's looking to invest that heavily in a goaltender, that can guarantee Hank a dynasty. My whole issue here is how dramatic people are being at Hank's frustration. Brodeur, Roy, Belfour, Hasek, all went through periods where their teams were crap. It happens to every great goalie int heir career. He needs to do what they did. Keep his numbers up and keep the team relevant while the GM, coaching staff, or players sort out the offense. Expecting him to find some magic situation that he can just run to and grab a few Cups is absurd
I think he's too loyal to the organization and the city to run out of town. And he has been keeping the team relevant. Every year, he's been the reason why they even make the playoffs. (Or last year, the reason why they were the 1st seed.) I don't exactly see why Brodeur would be too upset though. His team won a Cup in his 2nd season.

Can we all sense that he's frustrated? After last game, he said that it was getting old how they can't put the puck in the net. I think that signifies a level of frustration with the offense, don't you?

That being said, he's staying put right here in NY. Can't see it any other way.

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