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03-25-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Don`t look now but the Coyotes are in serious danger of competing for the basement in the WC! A long fall from grace when they lost to LA in the WFC a year ago. THose who have contended all along that the AZ market can work usually failed to factor in seasons like this one where on-ice ineptitude leads to sparser crowds and lower gate receipts. Should the team finish out of the p/o`s and the NHL determines to remain for a final lame duck year it could be catastrophic! All said, the NHL, GB and the BOG deserve all that is bad and may be on its way!

K, HHH and the long slogging bus rides with Scotty Larue to the rink! I recall having to put all of the kids in the back of the bus for traction to get out of camp on the steep sections! Who can ever forget the "the Bird" and Jim Gregory! No I wasn`t the kid you nearly drowned!!
That's quite the cliff to fall off from last year to this. Decisions are going to have to be made this offseason, both on and off the ice. If no buyer can be found, does the NHL indeed play one more season with them footing the bills? I can't imagine the BoG would be enthusiatic about that. I would think the only way they get convinced is if they are assured of some sort of-well, what's been discussed ad nausem-involving fees. Plus how can you sell the hockey to the fans with them knowing it's the last year-if indeed all other possiblities are exhausted. Sounds like one way or another, the NHL is going to have to make a decision either way.

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