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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
you guys need to stop. you make Henrik sound like some 14 year old girl wiping away tears as she tweets her angst after each game. it is incredibly corny reading this nonsense after each game. What perennial SC team would Hank go to? Why would any of those teams want a goalie that has had a solid supporting cast for years, and now is experiencing his first real adversity, and is looking to pack his bags? When Brodeur had crap teams surrounding him, and absolutely bizarre coaching staffs, did he cry himself a pity river and wind up backstopping the Red Wings? No. He put up killer numbers and kept his team relevant. Why would you assume Hank would?

For the record, I sense frustration in Hank. But I have to believe you guys are being way too dramatic about it. Otherwise he's not nearly the dominant headstrong personality I've assume he was.
I'm just curious, when did Brodeur have crap teams surrounding him?

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