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03-25-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by mcbain942 View Post
why do the devils bring up people from AHL that are not as strong as sestito , I mean how many times are we going to try this guy, hes just not going to work out. If you look at Kostopoluos(this was a bad move in my opinion and I hope I eat my words) he has no history of scoring of any kind, I do not see any value in him at all. Im also glad we gave matteau a NHL look, but if you look at Albany's roster, we should be bringing up Anderson again and even better, Joe Whitney. I just really wish Beuche 1) wasn't on a roll and im sure wants to finish his year to break any records he could break, and 2) that guy needs to beef up a little. Hes older then matteau, yet we gave him a look. So our future is bright with him.

one more rant. Bernier and Carter really have to step it up, they are stinking up this year. I also know you are all digging Harold right now, that's cause hes pinching in, but hes already a -5 with only 10 games played.

Bring matteau back and scratch Kostopoluos. Matteau is able to return if called on.

As a positive post I do think we can cover Kovi, as we always have, but not for long. This is a good gut check to the rest of the team. We do need another tag team partner for zidlikcy on the power play though
Am I missing something ???? Carter and Bernier have been 2 of our best forwards this year. One of the dumbest things ive read in a while

Also Matteau cannot come back from the QMJHL.

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