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03-25-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
In the AHL?

Because he never played wing other than that 1 period vs Boston.
First stint in the NHL.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Look, there's a reason why I dislike comments like "we can't win cup with a guy like DD" because there's a 29/30 chance you're right. So when people use it, it's just noise to me. What if we had gretzky in his prime and lost in playoffs, I guess we can't win with Gretzky...That's my issue, it's a bash argument because it's not validated and it's loaded in your favour despite the fact that there may be zero correalation.

Again, I believe the team has similar faceoff skills. If we look at DD's FO% last 2 years I guess he's better than Eller. Eller should be converted to wing. Eller has less goals, clearly not an offensive player

So I have to disagree. "No matter how you twist it" seems wrong. In reality, you can twist anything to prove a point. I'm an Eller and DD fan (although I admittedly see a different upside for Eller) and Eller's career or last 2 years face off #s are weaker, yet most including yourself say he's a center. Yet, DD with better numbers in last 2 years sucks on faceoffs and is bad. That's why it's called bashing, it's inconsistent and based on your preference and not actual fact. Most people reply "matchups" and "sheltered minutes" at this point which doesn't help the faceoff argument against DD at all. Truth be told, I think they are equal, but I'm illustrating a point, how can you say one yes but the other no when the stats say otherwise?

The fact you call the guy a manlet proves your bias. What do you want me to say? I'm 6'4 and don't have a smurf self defense mechanism or anything.

If we want to argue Desharnais' validility as a Center given our depth and flexibility, I'm okay with that, it's a very fair argument. I just dislike pointless discussions relating to "you cant win with him as C" then we win with him as a C.

What do you suggest as a line-up? I think if we can all agree Desharnais helps the team but we all see him with a different role that's fine. Just where do you see an ideal line-up, I think we can have a discussion off that if there's a reasoning to the line-up. In regards to DD, why X line and why X linemates, how will this help the team and not the individual.
Who ever said Eller was good at faceoffs ? Who ever said it was a Eller vs DD post?
I'm not a fan of players I'm a fan of the team. I've witnessed one cup and I was fairly young. I want to see others. Or atleast dominant teams, not bubble teams. It's about the team winning games here. DD and Eller have fairly similar offensive production and Galchenyuk and Plekanec are way ahead of both of them. All in all theres four C spot on the team. The team will need to make a choice(I know it will be the wrong one.)
It's not about bashing the great DD its about the damn team winning. Frankly, is DD a second line center on a dynasty like team? Is he ? Can we have Gionta-DD-Gally-Plek in our top 6 ?

I like the guy too. He has some sweet moves and all.. But at the end of the day its will he help us win. (When I refer to winning, it's not only a cup, but a dominant team year in and out(See Detroit circa Lidstrom, Pittsburgh, Philly, NYR, SJ.))

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