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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
I know everyone puts on the rose colored glasses for their favorite players. That's part of being a fan. Duchene, Landeskog, Wilson, Parenteau all get that treatment from me. I'll admit that I have such glasses regarding Paul Stastny as well. I also admit that I've taken them off for guys like Hejduk, EJ, ROR, and McGinn over the last year.

The guy has played with a mediocre team and has often been the "leftover" center over the last 2-3 years. As far as i can remember, he has never posed a problem in the locker room nor in the media. The guy has seemed to be a very good "team guy".

While I appreciate the arguments that his offensive production is down, I also see a lot of love for the intangibles that other players bring, yet rarely for Stastny. Is the guy a 6.6m player? Probably not, but that is not all on him in my opinion.

Is he a valuable trade chip? Sure he is, but there is a reason for that. Should he be traded because ROR is a ppg player this month? Maybe, but until ROR is locked up long term or proves he is a 6.5m player over the long haul, I'd just prefer to wait. Last thing I want is to lose both, or have another player on the team getting the "Big Contract" while not producing up to the expectations.

Although we as fans never truly know what goes on in the dynamics of a team, I can't think of a time I felt Stastny ever was a negative influence on the franchise, team or any individual player, and in my opinion, that is sometimes just as important as achieving some perceived contract expectations on the stat sheet.
This is why I think he will stay, he just seems happy in Denver. He's stuck it out through the rebuild and never shown any signs of wanting out.

I do personally have a feeling that as long as Colorado offers him a fair contract around 5-5.5M, he'll stay.

I tend to agree with Lonewolfe that we need to see Stastny under a new coach, and with a better RW than Jones consistently before trading him.

The one thing that this team has going for it is our centers, no reason to let that go unless we are forced to. If Stastny does not want to talk extention this off-season, he absolutely needs to be traded ala J. Staal.

Siemens, Barrie, and a free-agent top 4 defender could fix our defense. Remember that last season our defense was ranked 11th in goals against.

The difference is Quincey this year, and a player of his caliber or better will not be impossible to find in free-agency.

Smid - EJ (Just as an example)

Hejda - Barrie


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