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03-25-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
Thought the team played well.
BUMzgolav even had a good game.

The game had an '08 playoff feel to it where the usually offensive powerhouse that is Pitt struggled to put the puck in the net. So when the NHL in all its unbiased wisdom saw the opportunity to put us down two men and get Pitt back in it they made sure it happened.

Missed the Simmer penalty so can not comment on the validity of that call but the Kimmo call was just about as tic tac as it gets. The stick had zero impact on the quality of the shot the Pitt player could get off. It was a play I saw at least 3 other times throughout the game by both teams; yet during a vital time in the game we get burnt because we are up a goal and Pitt is struggling.

Garbage NHL politics at its best.
Especially frustrating since earlier in the game, Cooke speared and hooked the living hell out of Coburn (I think) while he was on the ice and getting up. He kept doing it until he was nearly standing. He made no attempt play the puck, he was just going after Coburn with his stick. The ref standing right next to him decides it's legit; Coburn looked like he considered going after Cooke but controlled himself. Then Timonen has the slightest of hooks late in the game and it's a penalty. Those late, weak penalties after letting them play all game sure do happen a lot against Pittsburgh.

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