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03-25-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
i see it as a big gamble. there are a few examples of a new coach being brought in mid-to-late-season and the team going on a big run and winning the cup (sutter last year, bylsma in pittsburgh, and farther back larry robinson in NJ though robinson and that team were familiar with one another from a previous stint). but there's probably an 75% or higher chance that it'll fail miserably.

i guess the question is, how small is the chance that AV can get it done this year? if that chance is smaller than the chance of a new guy prospering, however small that second chance might be, then i'd say do it. texas hold'em logic, so to speak.

personally, i think the chances of us contending with AV this year (or any subsequent year, barring a major change in his coaching style, philosophy, and methodology) is so miniscule that i'd roll the dice with a new guy.
Really? So back to back presidents trophies, one win from the cup and currently 3rd in the conference and you think that he is crap. Man this place is so full of the grass is greener types. What besides one more win a couple of seasons ago would it take to convince you that he is a good coach? Since you seem to think a new guy... who and why?

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