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Originally Posted by putridgasbag View Post
Really? So back to back presidents trophies, one win from the cup and currently 3rd in the conference and you think that he is crap. Man this place is so full of the grass is greener types. What besides one more win a couple of seasons ago would it take to convince you that he is a good coach? Since you seem to think a new guy... who and why?
i think the distinction many of us are making is that what has produced success in the past may not in fact produce those same results moving forward. almost every coach, even the best ones, get fired at one point or another. that could be for a number of reasons: gets tuned out, the league figures out his system and he's slow to or can't adapt, he has a demonstrable ceiling with that team and GM wants to roll the dice that some new guy's ceiling is higher. whether one, or all, of those applies to AV is up for debate. but the question is not whether he is or is not a "good coach" in the absolute sense. it's whether he's the right coach for this team at this point in time and for the foreseeable future to take it as far as it can go.

and the substance of that post of mine you quoted was explicitly not that the grass is greener. i was saying, the grass might be greener but there's a 75% or higher chance that it in fact is not. but it's a gamble i'd take because i think the chances of AV making this work are even lower.

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as for candidates, on a temporary basis one guy is ruff. again, probably wouldn't work, but i think our guys need a kick in the rear that a gruff (pardon the pun) western canadian guy like lindy would offer. also, he has had a lot of success with a roster (buffalo, '06 and '07) that had a similar distribution of talent to ours when both are healthy (scoring depth, elite two-way second line center, third line that can provide timely scoring, deep puck moving/rushing D with no true number one). also, he can and is willing to coach an up tempo game that i think will maximize our roster's abilities. and, at least back in the briere years, he showed that he was able to adjust his gameplan depending on matchups and when forced to due to injuries. that '06 sabres team was missing four of its top six defensemen -- down to its #2 and #6 guys -- and still pushed the eventual champs to seven games. they had a freaking lead going into the third period of game seven before young campbell broke down from playing way too many minutes and they lost the game going up against carolina's historically lethal PP with campbell in the box and relying on rory (yes rory) to help kill that penalty.

cooper, i know less about. if he's as good and promising as people say he is, then yeah go for it. it's a good play for future years, not just to throw a hail mary to salvage this one. but i can't legitimately make a call on that one because i don't know him.

but this is actually what i'd like to do, which i mentioned in the last AV thread:

Originally Posted by me from yesterday
if yzerman would be willing to let him go for an assistant job, and if boucher would be willing to take it (with the understanding that he's auditioning for either AV's job or a head coaching job somewhere else for next year), then that's a really nice play.

fire bones and brown, hire boucher for the PP and promote someone from the wolves for the year (i'm guessing that the guy who handles their D is nolan b.) at the end of the year, assess what you have and decide whether it's AV or boucher, and if it's boucher you let him bring in his own people. if it's AV, then the gamble to cut his guys and light a fire under his butt paid off. boucher probably then moves on to a head coaching job somewhere else.

oh, and end of the year, baumgartner (of foligno or whomever) goes back to chicago for more seasoning unless the guy was a revelation.
and the impossible dream: if babcock ends up getting fired (very unlikely right now) i don't see how you don't push through every other GM in the league and do whatever you can to sign him on the spot.

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