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03-25-2013, 12:17 PM
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When I hear maxpac go on about how Desharnais is the best player with whom he played, or when I hear former habs, like cammy, (who has no reason not to speak his mind) insists to go on about how he knew Desharnais would pan out, it just adds weight to the stats and his game as we see it. Are bashers watching games ? it often comes back to the same brutal HF ''experts'' approach , where OMGZZ PROSPECTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>> established NHLers. ''we need to make room for Leblanc OMGZ'' no we don't. its broken, your brains are broken.

so by watching the games, I can understand he needs to get better (like any other player) in some areas of his game, but I'm pleased with the way he plays, and I think he's a big part of our quality depth.

but if I ever consider someone's negative imput, its probably going to be the coach/players' opinion on the matter ... not the guy bashing Desharnais while he scrubs doritos out of his belly button because one of his fetish prospects with whom he is dangerously obsessed with is denied a roster spot.

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