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Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
The problem that i have with this line of thought, is that it is the same coach from last year, it's basically the same team from last year, and he has regressed offensively.

The problem that i have with blaming Sacco, is that game in and game out, i see guys like Hejda and O'Brien having a bigger impact on the offensive zone (at least getting pucks on the net)
EJ does not look good right now. It's about the worst he's looked since coming here. He had a slow start offensively in the first 10 games or so, but then got that concussion, and really hasn't been the same guy. I think it's affecting him a lot more than it did Landy, and his conditioning is still a long ways off. You can see it when he tries to skate, he's just moving in mud, and his overall game is suffering as well.

Last year there's no way O'Brien or Hejda had a bigger impact in the offensive zone game in and game out. It's just a really tough year for him in a shortened season.

Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
You might be right about everything you wrote about EJ. I certanly hope so. But it is all speculation. What we know for sure is that his production has dropped and IMO it's not fair to put the blame ONLY on Sacco. My question is: At what point is it ok to blame the players?? At what point is it OK to question whether some of our players are as good as we think they are??
I dont' think anyone is blaming only Sacco. Myself and others have said many times that EJ's offensive hockey IQ may hold him back regardless. IMO though there are most likely only two things that can help EJ get back to being a 35-40 point guy with solid D. One is a legit top pairing partner to help shoulder the load, do most of the on ice thinking, and give him confidence to take advantage of the tools he has. The other is a legit coach that can work with him on getting better, and implement a system that uses it's defenseman well in transition and in an offensive system, and on the PP. Sacco's system does none of that.

It's not a matter of hard work, he's got a great work ethic, and he's been motivated since he got here. I really think those two things would make a world of difference, and at the very least you would have to admit he'd have a bit of a boost in his point totals while playing the same solid D.

I don't think pointing these things out are making excuses for him, and I'm pretty sure other EJ supporters are capable of being critical and see whats holding him back at the same time.

Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
The funny/sad thing about it, is that we just traded a lot for a Dman, that we put a lot of hope in (supposedly a #1). And now we have to trade for ANOTHER expensive Dman to make the first one look good??
It's definitely not ideal, but I still think from a team building perspective, trying to find an offensive guy to play with a guy like EJ, is easier than finding a guy like EJ to play with an offensive guy.

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