Thread: Confirmed with Link: Buddy Robinson College FA Signs with Sens
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03-25-2013, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilers Chick View Post
Greetings Sens fans! Just saw this thread and read the story of Robinson's signing. You guys will like this kid. I saw Buddy quite a bit at Lake Superior State, so here's the skinny on him (my personal observations).

As has already been noted, he's big...very big. He plays somewhat of a similar style to Kellen Lain, who has already signed with the Canucks - can lay some punishing hits, strong on the forecheck, good offensive upside. But where Robinson is better than Lain IMO is on the defensive side (Lain IMO is a better offensive player). Buddy is very good at supporting his defensemen & goalie, whether it's in blocking shots or moving opposing players off the puck. He saw a lot of time on the Lakers' penalty-killing unit this season and really excelled as a rock solid penalty killer.

Two areas where he has vastly improved over the course of his collegiate career has been his skating and making better use of his towering frame. The size and strength he's added has greatly enhanced his skating, making his strides more powerful and providing better balance on skates. That has, in turn, added to his foot speed. As a stronger player, he is better able to move players off the puck in all areas of the ice and it has really helped improve his overall play along the walls. Robinson also does a great job of using his size to protect puck and is tough to move off of it.

If there's one weakness that Robinson has (that should hopefully continue to improve in the AHL) it's getting rid of pucks a little more quickly. At times this season, he's held on to the puck too long, usually because he was indecisive. When he does move the puck quickly, he's usually been pretty smart and confident about it.

IMO, Robinson will likely be utilized by the Sens as a shutdown, penalty-killing forward. He's not as physical as Lain is, but he also isn't afraid to mix it up either. Robinson has a high compete level and he works his tail off too.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. Hope this helps.
Wow, what a terrific report! Much appreciated!

Welcome aboard, Buddy!

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