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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
It wasn't a DD vs Eller post but that's his competition for last top 9 center spot right? Now that you feel neither are good at faceoffs and have similar production, which center should we acquire or maybe package them both for? Yes, I am doing it on purpose. It's a legit question if you do feel they are both weak on faceoffs. Means Plekanec, Galchenyuk are our #1-2 for the future, who should be our #3. Won't be leblanc, white, dumont, etc... so we'd need someone else given their poor faceoff and limited offensive upside.
AG takes DD's place on the second offensive line and Eller keeps his place on the 2nd shutdown line. Simple.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
All are worth their price. Boullion and Army are bargain bin type players, and are fine in a limited role.

Boullion should be nowhere near the PK or especially the PP but is decent enough on 5 on 5. I have no idea why he was extended AND given a raise, but he's been a little better than I expected.

Armstrong, along with his fantastic French , while very limited, has been an important part of the 4th line and has probably been better than the more expensive Moen lately.

Desharnais...well, we've already discussed this, is getting paid like a second liner and playing like a second liner. I think 50 points for an exploitation scorer isn't good, but this team is not so packed with offensive talent that it's not valuable.
It's not about caphit, its not about salary. It's about building the best team. There's ALOT of better 6th D than Bouillon in this league/other leagues and the same goes for Army.(For the record I defended both alot so my point is not to bash them, its to prove that they're building this team based on emotional values over business.)

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Armstrong and Cube are 4th liner and 6th D... really, how good do you expect your 6th D and 4th line RW to be ?

as for DD, players like him, pretty much every team has one or two (even contenters), they're all paid about the same (+/- 3 or 4 Mil) and have flaws in their game, like DD who isnt that strong physically or Ryder who's far from great defensively...

when they dont have major flaws in their game, they're paid 5 Mil + like Plekanec, Bergeron (Boston) and a few others...
Read up. And which contending team has a small C, good only for offensive starts only, who can't win a faceoff to save his life(its a hyperbole dont go crazy.) taking the place of a 3rd overall pick capable of producing?

Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
When I hear maxpac go on about how Desharnais is the best player with whom he played, or when I hear former habs, like cammy, (who has no reason not to speak his mind) insists to go on about how he knew Desharnais would pan out, it just adds weight to the stats and his game as we see it. Are bashers watching games ? it often comes back to the same brutal HF ''experts'' approach , where OMGZZ PROSPECTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>> established NHLers. ''we need to make room for Leblanc OMGZ'' no we don't. its broken, your brains are broken.

so by watching the games, I can understand he needs to get better (like any other player) in some areas of his game, but I'm pleased with the way he plays, and I think he's a big part of our quality depth.

but if I ever consider someone's negative imput, its probably going to be the coach/players' opinion on the matter ... not the guy bashing Desharnais while he scrubs doritos out of his belly button because one of his fetish prospects with whom he is dangerously obsessed with is denied a roster spot.
You know what ? This comes down to DD being a freaking nice guy that every body likes. The guy worked his butt off since he was a little boy playing in the Q(And I'm sure he worked his ass off before.). He never calls out anybody and he's too chubby to hate. Comes down to emotions over real hockey business. I feel bad myself calling DD out for christ sakes.

Originally Posted by bjac View Post
For their current prices? They are pretty good value to be honest. Thats like less that 4 million on 3 players (this year), all of which who play significant minutes on a team fighting for 1st in the conference. Especially since 2 were UFAs (automatically overpaid), I think the Habs signed some great depth deals.

But then again, the Habs sure are messing up this year. These signings are probably the reason why this season has been such a enormous failure.
Read up. I didnt really diss the Armstrong and Bouillon signing.n Its the fact that Bouillon/army are MT's sons and that they're not all that top notch yet we still signed them. Bouillon is playing too much minutes and Army too.

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