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03-25-2013, 01:12 PM
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It's pretty hard to score when you're shooting pucks at the goalies chest. Kipper got one lucky save and a bunch of trash hurried shots to stop last night. There's no way he stole anything. He gave up two pretty weak goals.

For being the teams best playmaker McDonald hasn't made any passes or showed any creativity since he's returned.

Jackman was pretty damned awful. Got caught in no mans land twice last night. That first goal was terrible on his and Halaks part. That second one Oshie coughed up the puck and there were two players behind Jackman.

I'm pretty much done with Perron. He's been clowning it up lately and just playing for himself. He gets open and draws players in then holds on to the puck and just turns it over. Rinse and repeat every game. Then he scores a highlight reel goal and everything is all ok.

Halak is just what ever at this point. There's no other real option.

Backes needs to sit.

Hitch should get his head out of his ass and play Tarasenko on the PP.

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