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Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
Islander have won 4 Cups in 34 years...we have won one in 73...but we have won a lot of series in that time . They are 1 point behind us .Hard to counter argue that kind of success .

It is hard to go around bragging about how many series your team has won...when they come back with how many Cups they have won since they have been in the league . Now that is a counter argument ! brother is an Islander fan....I know all about it guys and I am surrounded by Hab I hear it everyday there too . We have been possibly the worse US based franchise in NHL History .

It is going to take a long time to turn things around with so much parity in the NHL these days . For Decades we had more money to spend than everybody else...that is a luxury no longer afforded us . We have 1 stinking Cup to show for it because our management has been so inept in it's long term thinking and as long as the current management exists...we are moving further away from it .

I guess that this should have been posted in the Sather or Torts thread .
Reading your posts is so refreshingly honest; nice to see and hear from a longtime fan who feels the same exact way that I and most of my friends feel about the Ranger's inept management over the many years that we have been die hard fans attending games back in the good old days of the garden on 49th street and 8th ave.

One(1) Stanley Cup in almost 73 years should be statement enough on how poorly this team has been managed since my childhood(and I've been going to Ranger's games since 1960).

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