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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
What's with the LADA school? Please come up with facts backed up by knowledge of what the topic is. We're talking about hockey schools. Nobody is forced in there. It's not the CSKA in the SU. They are not part of any league. They are not subject to any rules about whom to pick up. They are private enterprises and act like ones. If anyone thinks he is better off at the AkBars school or the CSKA school or whatever school nobody can prevent them from going there or force them to do so. What's your itch? You want the togliatti school to be a top school again. Just go there, invest money and make them the best school in the country and you'll soon have all the kids wanting to learn there. Otherwise, please watch your choice of words. your fine CSKA is becoming a strong talent buyer too. Nobody is calling them out for 'ravaging' the market's landscape after they basically bought themselves the Salavat Yulaev. It's all a business.
Buying talent on the adult level is one thing - yes it's business (but I still hate the fact of overpaying for marginal talent and ruining the market) Ravaging poorer schools and claiming their kids your product - is totally different. When Lada ceased playing in the KHL their schools got emptied out by KHL clubs, Ak Bars poached Togliati for many years on both: adult and kids levels.

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