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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
Leetch and Gretzky were traded. Both expressed that they wanted to stay where they were. Hank leaving to pursue a Cup is not the same thing.
Still, public opinion of those players was that they would be lifers with their original teams. A little less "predictable" and emotions get directed differently, but same general outcome. A lot of players express they want to stay in their current city, because why are they going to openly poo on that city/team? Not really a good look. Even after being traded or leaving on their own, I can't think of many players that come out to the media and say "Yeah, they really treated me like crap there and everything sucked." People still hate Heatley and Hossa for how they conducted themselves (although Hossa was more or less open about chasing a Cup).

I don't get why everyone makes it sound like NYC is the only big-bill city with a hockey team, and that NYC is the only place Lundqvist could ever possibly like living in/playing. In a universe where Quick didn't exist and they still somehow won the Cup with a Niemi-esque goalie, you don't think an offer from LA would even be remotely enticing?

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